Are you Mobile?

In 2010 19 million users accessed mobile internet in the UK.*

Across the world there are more than 2.4 billion mobile phone users with a thousand more hooking up every minute.**

The latest Tealeaf research alludes to the fact that after 15 years of e-commerce, when a consumer visits a website there is no tolerance for a bad experience. If it doesn’t work they will blame the brand or business.

A lot of the time a user’s first impression will be on the mobile web and being used to the level of experience that you gain from a desktop web journey, they expect that to be consistent cross-platform.

Users are spending more and more time on their phones especially with the vast uptake of smart phone devices over the last year.  Your phone is an extension to your body, lose your phone and it’s like losing a limb, it’s an intimate and trusted accessory.

If you provide a user a slick, easy navigable experience then you buy into that expectation they have from technology.

Is your brand or business meeting the mobile consumer expectation?



*Source: Yahoo, Appetite, 2011

**Source: Forrester Research, 2011


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