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Spending money is now even more fun!

All you need is an iPhone, the iOS credit card reader and your finger.

The idea behind making the transactions mobile and easy is to open up the payment system for small businesses. This means they will be able take a payment anywhere without the stinging cost traditional card readers incur at the moment. As business owners you won’t need to set up a merchant account and pay any annual fee, this process is clear and transparent.

To the user it’s also quick and easy as the lengthy process of dialling through a land line is redundant too.

If this catches on, queues and impatience will be a thing of the past so I for one, am on board from both sides of the fence.

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Pandora marries Facebook

Soooo…the top online radio service and the world’s largest and most successful social network have solidified a plan for domination of the virtual world.

It seems that you can share music with your friends with no catch (really?) and integrate your Pandora and Facebook accounts without a real-time irritating update of what you’re listening to (really… really?). Pandora pay the license, facebook opens it up…

There are countless other similar music services but if you do the basic math, Pandora + Facebook = bloody easy way to get the music/ life balance.

Following on from my earlier post (which didn’t quite work thanks to the lack of ‘Like’ widgets for WordPress) Facebook will include ‘Like’ buttons which users can embed on other websites, by doing this Pandora can then provide you with the most update musical trends based on what you ‘Like’. Easy peasy.

It’s early days but I guess we’ll find out soon enough whether this genius partnering will come to fruition.

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