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The Snaggletooth Splat; a book for brainstrust

This is the most exciting thing I’ve worked on in the last year, not only is it for a great cause but I got to work with some exceptionally talented people and friends. Winner all round.

It’s also my first published piece (eek) so I’m doubly proud to be working with brainstrust on it. brainstrust is a UK-based brain cancer charity, dedicated to improving clinical care for brain tumour sufferers and providing coordinated support in their search for treatment.

I remember the afternoon the idea first came to light, Will (Communications and Development person at brainstrust) and I were having a pint at our local and he was talking about the brainbox that they were launching, a tool-box shaped ‘brain box’ containing a number of essential things to help brain tumour patients and their carers such as: A brain book, A ‘Have You Lost Your Way?’ booklet, A copy of the ‘Living with a Brain Tumour’ book and A pill-box… all amazing stuff but we felt that was something more we could do for children.

It was at this point we thought it a great idea to write this book which would be designed to explain to children who have just been diagnosed with brain cancer, what a brain tumour is and how the doctors and their carers will fight it and provide brain tumour support.

And so the Snaggletooth Splat was born.

I got to collaborate with Jase, an amazing illustrator (check out his blog here), to whom I am so grateful for bringing the words to life, and also with Andy Lodge who helped get the final product through print and thanks also to Chris Leah for the shots (below). You can read more about it and learn more about brainstrust here.

It’s been a real pleasure and I look forward to working with these guys more.

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working with the Brainstrust

I’ve just finished the first draft of a children’s book for the Brainstrust and I’m really excited to be working with these guys as they truly are a brilliant organisation.

Essentially they’re a support service but unlike other charities, they offer pragmatic support and advice at the point of diagnosis and they have a
unique network of advisors in the medical, scientific and nursing community.

Ultimately their work aims to help put those with brain tumours back in control of a very daunting situation. One of the latest things these guys are providing is a Brainbox containing useful tools such as a ‘brain book’  for keeping a record, a pill box, leaflet’s and lots of information about what’s available for you. You can read more about it here.

Essentially this book is aimed to help both children who have been diagnosed with a brain tumour and their carers, in it is featured ‘the monster’ (brain tumour) and the ‘elephant in the corner’ (Brainstrust’s mascot). The story helps identify symptoms of a brain tumour and what help and support you can get.

It’s only a first draft but I’m really happy to have this chance to help make a difference and raise some awareness. I will be posting updates here so check back to read the latest…

If you or someone you know could benefit from the services that the Brainstrust offers or if you would like to get involved in some way please visit www.brainstrust.org.uk and get in touch.

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