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dancing dodo launches coca-cola’s 5 alive juice drink

From the creators of comparethemeerkat.com (one of my favourite campaigns of 2009) comes a forerunner for one of my potential favourites for 2010 – maybe I’m just a sucker for 3D fluffy animals… or maybe it’s the soundtrack… I don’t know.

VCCP has launched a campaign starring a dancing dodo to re-launch Coca Cola’s fruit juice drink, 5 Alive, it’s on TV now and it’s making me chuckle again. Check it out here.

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Aliens revolt against digital TV

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what on earth aliens find revolting about digital TV…?

Well, I was reading an article recently about SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) and their ongoing conquest to prove that we are not alone. Fascinating in itself, but what really grabbed my attention is the fact that they blamed digital television for being the reason that aliens couldn’t find us and have a theory that, for similar reasons, we can’t find the aliens.

I thought this was quite interesting so dug a little deeper and thought I would share my findings with you all.

The problem is that digital TV is making Earth invisible.

The process for converting analogue to digital offers more stability, as it is less vulnerable to noise. This means that, whilst we’re happy because we get a nice viewing experience at home, it does make life very difficult for the aliens trying to find us.

In the world of analogue, a digital transmission looks like noise, and radio astronomers have to filter out noise to locate signals indicative of extra-terrestrial life. However, with the complexity of digital signal processing (DSP) to measure or filter continuous real-world analogue signals, this noise is getting crowded and indistinguishable. So, whilst sticking astronomers on a lunar observatory on the moon may help us look for ET, the Digital Switchover could be making it harder for ET to find us.

So, if you don’t want aliens to land on Earth, keep watching digital TV!

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