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Is this of Pinterest to you?

This first came to life over a year ago but I’ve heard about this new social site a few times over the last week or so and it caught my eye again in the Metro yesterday.

It’s mainly women in the US using it right now (reserve the Desperate Housewives comments for later), but that will change I’m sure as there are currently around a million pins a week being added.

Currently you have to be invited or request an invite; I’m on the waiting list… and still waiting… ahem…

It’s a great virtual mood board experience, visually rich and quick to engage with, although to be honest I’m a little nervous about the copyright issues that could arise here.

I wonder whether it will stand on its own or quickly be swallowed by something bigger – Mr Zuckerberg apparently has his eye on it so who knows.

In the meantime ‘like’ it, ‘g+’ it, ‘tweet’ it or, if you want to join, ‘pin’ it…

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