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This weekend sees the 65th season of the F1 championship roar into action at Australia’s Albert Park, Melbourne.

Eleven teams and twenty-two drivers will see in the all-new V6 engine that now incorporates the Energy Recovery System (ERS) into it’s build.

Coming to the circuit to defend his championship will be Vettel in the rather sleek looking RB10 which holds the Renault engine, and as leaders in the EV field, it will be interesting to see how Adrian Newey’s latest design, built around the new ERS, turbo charger and two MGU’s (Motor Generating Units) will hold up…

So, with testing finished and all eyes and ears awaiting the 16th, I’m waiting to see how we will all feel about the new quieter F1.

If nothing else, the pit crews will have to keep their eyes open.


The RB10

The RB10

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