A confession

I have a fairly solid understanding of all things digital, ask me a strategic question around marketing channels for various business objectives and I’ll be able to give you a fairly sound piece of advice or opinion based on insights and learnings from years of experience. Ask me about implementing that strategy and I can give you a break down on the fly of key considerations. Ask me to analyse the risks and I can outline these for you based upon the many times I’ve got things wrong and learned from it.

Ask me to do something technical like ‘make a laptop work’ and that is another thing entirely. Ask just about anyone I work with, I am the closet blonde in the office, sensible on the outside and technically illiterate on the inside (says something in an office with over 500 people).

The proof was in my ‘faux pas’ this morning when I managed to change every single piece of software on my laptop to be operating from within Picture Viewer. That’s special isn’t it? It managed to evoke the following quip:

‘In the 12 years I’ve worked in IT I’ve never seen this done! That is quite an achievement.’

From my Knight in shining armour, Andy, who came to save the day (again).

I’m so proud of this achievement I just felt I had to share it with you.

I’ll be back soon with something more insightful…



2 thoughts on “A confession

  1. George says:

    haha. very special. good work. Maybe go into IT training. Here’s the scenario: you go into the office work your “magic” skills on all the computers then they send in IT recruits to see if they can fix it all! 🙂

  2. Kamal says:

    I must admit, when K told me about it, I didnt believe it. It is simply something special.

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