Girls can be geeks too

This morning I was in Stockholm, a taxi ride, flight and three trains later I’m almost home, its 23.12 GMT. Yawn, I’m past tired, out comes my laptop.

Over the course of today I reckon I’ve passed thousands of people, made contact with hundreds and spoken to at least a dozen of which, two engaged me successfully in conversation.

It starts with people looking me up and down, business dress, heels, bit of lippy, you get the idea, well-groomed woman and she’s on her business travel. I settle down and whip out… my magazine and immediately feel eyes on me trying to sneak a peek at the headlines, is it Vogue? No! Is it Heat? Hell no! It’s Wired. Now why may I ask does that trigger the eyebrow flicker followed by frown facial dance? Should I have slicked hair and triple glazed glasses, fall over my laces and not be able to interact with other humans (unless distinctly leaning towards cyborg territory) to be allowed to read this most wondrous publication?

One Swedish guy I was trying not to talk to even ventured so far as to say ‘it was perhaps a little technical’, really? People don’t buy Wired to read about technology? I felt compelled to explain to him why I found it more stimulating to read about how the US Air force built their fastest supercomputer for the Department of Defence using 1,760 PS3 consoles, rather than how big Jordan’s boobs are or who she was screwing this week. Long pause, not much said, he moved on.

I’m tired; I admit but still, give me a break – Girls can be geeks too you know.


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