Some corkers

A colleague sent an interesting article around recently about ‘Funny and Frustrating client types’, it’s quite an interesting read (it’s here if you want to look at the full article).

It got me thinking about some of the clients I’ve worked with over the years and in every meeting it’s true, there’s always one. So I thought it only fair that I flick back through my notes and publish my own top ten ‘questions or comments’ that I’ve noted over the last few months… well, it would be rude not to:

1. So if digital radio catches on will the meaning of clockwise disappear? (this one actually got me thinking but I still think it’s a corker)

2. Google’s changed recently, it’s stopped giving me UK options as a separate! (turned out on looking at the results page he was in

3. We have a lot of USP’s that I think set us apart.

4. I love the idea of going online but it’s too expensive so we’re just going to do TV again.

5. The brief: I want to advertise like Apple. The budget: £8k. The response to the proposal: It’s too creative, can we tone it down please. aaaaargh! (thus proving the argument in the article above that this is a common aspiration for clients)

6. Our target market is everybody, obviously, everybody uses hairspray.

7. Don’t you guys just have a ‘create website’ button or something?

8. What’s that thing you do with Google, the secret word things? (That would be Pay Per Click Mr Client)

9. Anyone that surfs on the internet is just looking at porn so everyone that flicks to our website isn’t going to be concentrating.

10. I want to raise our brand profile but I don’t want to be on the internet because people will find out about us.

aah bless…

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