handy tips to successful email marketing

  1. Create an eye-catching, attention grabbing ‘open me’ title. The title will be the first thing your reader see’s so keep it snappy and relevant.
  2. Ensure you have a lovely creative feel. Following on from your snappy headline your content needs to entice the reader down the page so you can get them to…
  3. A clear Call to Action. What do you want the user to do? Keep it clear and un-cluttered
  4. Hooray – No spam here! Honesty is the best policy, the email content and subject line must be accurate. Avoid using language that spam filters will pick up on. If you want more information on this I would recommend reading Econsultancy’s best practice guidelines. (It’s very comprehensive)
  5. Get your timing right. Think about when would be best for your intended recipient to receive the email. Hint – Monday morning first thing = bulk delete of emails
  6. Don’t send emails for the sake of it. Everyone’s gets annoyed when they’re bombarded so send relevant information over a considered length of time. Develop a contact strategy based on the trends of your consumers.
  7. Track it and optimise your campaigns! What’s the point in sending an email if you don’t know how many people opened it or clicked on your CTA? Implement some basic tracking and read the reports… this will help you optimise your campaign and improve your results.
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