Geek Alert: Cloudkick launch Cloudkick Viz

With browser support constantly growing there’s been a lot of talk around how to make the web a more user-friendly place to live and work.

Cloudkick have developed an interesting tool for the IT guru’s working at the heart of the technical platforms that keep a multitude of web applications up and running for us all.

They’ve launched Cloudkick Viz;  a simple tool that makes it simpler and easier to manage server infrastructure.

Now for the techy bit: Cloudkick Viz turns your browser into an interactive Network Operations Centre (NOC) which automatically pulls in the data from the servers you’ve connected to Cloudkick. Built with HTML5, canvas (an element of HTML5 that allows dynamic rendering of shapes and images), and JavaScript this is the first cloud monitoring system in the world that runs in real-time in tune with your servers.

To make it even easier to use it’s all displayed in a nice 3D graph that rotates around a central axis: check out the live demo here

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