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buttons seem to be popping up everywhere, are the days of ‘becoming a fan’ numbered? I feel that the new ‘like’ buttons are much easier to use and less imposing.

The ‘Like’ button enables users to make connections to pages you’ve created and share the content with their friends back on Facebook all with just one click.

There are two versions of the button, a basic one is available via a simple iframe you can drop into your page easily. A more complex ‘Like’ button is available via the <fb:like> XFBML tag. This version allows users to add a comment as it is posted back to Facebook.

So what’s the verdict?

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4 thoughts on “facebook like

  1. Karen Boswell says:

    This post would have worked a lot better if facebook had developed a way for WordPress to have the ‘Like’ button (seems they gave the widget to every other blog but not this one).

    I have now found out that the basic code works on an HTML site but because every page on a WordPress blog is dynamic it isn’t that simple.

    I’m now taking a crash course in PHP in order to embed the code manually… watch this space!

  2. Karen Boswell says:

    It doesn’t look like I can do it because this blog isn’t self hosted and therefore I don’t have an FTP client.

    BOO to the facebook ‘Like’ button

  3. Dave says:

    It does however mean that the marketeer can arrive at a stronger measurement metric interms of a positive action towards the brand, no?

  4. Karen Boswell says:

    I agree – because it’s simpler and less intrusive faceboook users are more likley to take a couple of seconds to click a button, you also don’t get bombarded with updates after you’ve done so and from a development point of view (assuming you don’t need to add it to a wordpress blog) it’s more straight forward…

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