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The new X-Box ‘Kinect’

It’s ‘sleeker, smaller and quieter’ and according to the Vice president of Microsoft, the X-Box 360 ‘Kinect’ is the next revolution in gaming.

With 250GB HD and built-in wi-fi the console brings you technologies that allow you to use your voice as a control, plus movement and gestures.  The team at Microsoft have created new partnerships with the likes of ESPN in order to build more intelligent software that recognise you and your opponents to add in more interactive dimensions to the world of gaming.

You might worry that this will be detrimental to the quality you expect to receive as historically we’ve all experienced rich high-definition video but Microsoft promise they’re not moving away from delivering this quality and look to better their three massive blockbusters: Halo, Gears of War and Call of Duty.

One for your wish list to Santa, the ‘Kinect’ is due to hit stores by the end of this year.

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Can I PLS get a translation – I need a crash course in text slang, I’m feeling a bit left behind and I can’t be the only one.

Is this the way the future is headed now, the fact that we’re all connected in real-time and can share views and information within seconds isn’t enough, we have to supplement a perfectly good language for text slang and acronyms which take me hours to decipher – honestly we could have done with today’s teens when we were trying to talk in code during the war.

It’s 2EZ when there’s 2MI swinging round and 4COL where do U start? Forget LOL I’ll be LBAY or maybe FOTFLOL, I mean whatever LIC. Everything just gets LIT and MEGO when NE1 sends me a MSG I don’t get, it’s like totally OMH and makes me wanna SMEO, I guess it’s just NFM.

If this makes as much sense to you as it does to me, take my advice and JGI.

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I want one of these

Veho HD Slim camcorder

No wonder YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world when the creation of video is so simple. The latest gadget is this super slim Veho pocket HD camera retailing at just £99.00.

It’s stylish and sleek, and it fits in the back pocket of my skinny jeans, perfect for a night out or just to carry round ‘in case’. The picture quality is fab (haven’t decided whether that’s a good thing or not yet) but with an 8 x digital zoom, anti wobble (or stabilisation if you prefer) detection and motion predictive features it makes creating your own short film a breeze.

It will take stills too, even store your fave tunes and once you’re done you can connect it straight to your TV or computer for viewing pleasure or ‘selective editing’.

Budding Spielberg’s’ there’s really no excuse now.

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Are we there yet?

It’s Sunday morning and ignoring the unwritten law that dictates this is the Hollyoaks omnibus slot, I’m watching Star Trek instead.

Further to that I’m investigating the Time Warp theory, I’m amazed NASA haven’t sussed this one, it’s simple.

Take a bit of space-time and move it, place a space ship (or transportation of your choice) inside that bubble of time, the space ship thinks it’s not moving and that the space-time is moving instead.

In theory what actually happens is the space-time expands behind the spaceship and contracts in front of it… similar to the big bang theory (where cosmologists refer to the idea that the Universe has expanded from a primordial hot and dense initial condition at some finite time in the past and continues to expand to this day. Source: Wikipedia)

It’s fascinating, even more so is the idea of time travel paradoxes, you could have been on a trip you’ve planned, had a wild time and returned home before you’ve even left the house to get in your space ship and go…

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dancing dodo launches coca-cola’s 5 alive juice drink

From the creators of (one of my favourite campaigns of 2009) comes a forerunner for one of my potential favourites for 2010 – maybe I’m just a sucker for 3D fluffy animals… or maybe it’s the soundtrack… I don’t know.

VCCP has launched a campaign starring a dancing dodo to re-launch Coca Cola’s fruit juice drink, 5 Alive, it’s on TV now and it’s making me chuckle again. Check it out here.

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